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Avocado Soap

Avocado moisturises & nourishes

Rosehip Soap

Rosehip induces healing

Handmade Soap Gift Boxes

The oils in this soap, nourish, sooth & soften the skin....

Cocoa Butter Soap

Cocoa Butter, soothing & softening skin

Organic Shea Butter Soap

Organic Shea Butter, gentle & nourishing

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Emma’s only uses the highest grade quality oils, natural oils, first pressing, Organic, unrefined and her own Beeswax as well as local beekeepers. Using aromatherapy pure essential oils to fragrance each bar.

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About Emma's Soap...
The Story...
Every business decision made, from manufacturing, waste, deliveries are made with an environmental sustainable conscience. Emma's Soap endeavours to ensure that all its products are from ethically sustainable sources considering the world environment, animal welfare, workers rights and their health and safety; from oils to packaging.

About Emma's Soap

Packaged by hand, wrapped in Organic fair trade cotton, a reusable packaging. Emma actively promotes ways to recycle the cloth.

‘if all the packaging is disposed of correctly, there really is no landfill waste

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