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Soap Off Cuts
Soap Off Cuts   0.00

250g Bundle £4.50

1.5kg Box £25.00

Off cuts from cutting a soap loaf into bars, a bundle of at least 250g of soap (£4.50) or a 1.5kg box (£25). Please select the base oil and scent you would like in your bundle or opt for lucky dip.

Nick named 'Sud Standard' bars!

Emma's off cuts. When cutting a loaf of soap into bars there are always some off cuts or ends, there is only so much we can use at home, so we have bundled them up for you. At least 250g of soap. Ingredients will be sent with each bundle, unless lucky dip chosen.
soap scraps, ends, sued standard


Honesty, ethics & green credentials

Every business decision made, from manufacturing, waste, deliveries are made with an environmental sustainable conscience. Emma's Soap endeavours to ensure that all its products are from ethically sustainable sources.
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Postage from £3 for up to 9 bars. Free UK Delivery on orders over £35.

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