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Emma’s Soap considered various methods of packaging from paper to bio-degradable packaging.

Paper was a serious contender with many environmental sustainable options from FSC managed forests to recycled paper. However Emma was of the opinion that paper in its sustainable recycled format was a material already used extensively throughout her business in the form of letters, business cards, invoices, promotional posters, product information etc.

Biodegradable packaging was also a consideration that was soon discarded when Emma, through research, learnt that much biodegradable packaging comes from sisal.  And that areas of the Malaysian rainforest are being destroyed to provide farming ground, to grow the sisal, to feed the western consumer demand for biodegradable packaging.

To use organic fair trade cotton fabric was an early ethical decision, not only does it present the soap beautifully; it allows the soap to breath as well as protecting the soap and it can also be re-used. 

With regard to stationery we have chosen to use a paper is called Beckett Expression from GF Smith Papers, it is FSC Approved, 30% recycled, 100% ECF virgin fibre and acid free, carbon neutral and manufactured from windpower. It is also printed using vegetable based inks. Once you have finished with any of our vitally important correspondence and are sure you no longer need the contents, then we suggest you shred it, soak it and press into a paper brick. Then pop on the fire, keeping you warm with our compliments. If you'd like to know how to make paper bricks, click here...

Emma promotes her ‘Reduce Reuse Recycle’ ideas on all her labels and at events where she exhibits examples; from her homemade jam, marmalade and harvested honey topped with recycled fabric, to dolls dresses for her daughter Megan’s best loved toys, quilts, cushion and even bunting.

Emma suggests at all events and on all her soap labels...

"Emma’s Soap is wrapped in Organic fair trade cotton"

  Reduce Reuse Recycle

Ideas for reusing the packaging

  • Collect the fabric squares and make a patch-work, bag, pillow or even a quilt.
  • Use to top your home made Jam, Chutney & Pickles!
  • Make clothes for your best loved doll or teddy!
  • Make a Natty hankie
  • Use to wrap your soap when traveling.
  • Return to Emma’s Soap to be reused and get 5p off next purchase.”

Emma would be delighted to hear your ideas for reusing Emma’s Soap packaging, please e-mail me hello@emmassoap.co.uk

Thanks X