Avocado Oil (unrefined) For the Little Ones (from 12 months) | Shampoo & Speciality Soaps | Emma's Soap

Avocado Oil 'For the Little Ones' | Shampoo & Speciality Soaps

These soap that have a specific purpose, shaving soap, shampoo bars, work hands. We also have an unscented range for those who suffer from allergens suitable also for newborns as well as two children's soap from 12 months.
Wrapped in organic fair trade cotton, all packaging is reusable or compostable - zero waste.

Avocado Oil (unrefined) For the Little Ones (from 12 months)

Honesty, ethics & green credentials

Every business decision made, from manufacturing, waste, deliveries are made with an environmental sustainable conscience. Emma's Soap endeavours to ensure that all its products are from ethically sustainable sources.
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