Safety Razor Blades pack of 5 | Soap Dishes & Brushes | Emma's Soap

Safety Razor Blades pack of 5 | Soap Dishes & Brushes

Olive trees need to be pruned to produce a good tasty olive with high yield. Also after a certain age the olive tree becomes damaged and unproductive, to keep up with the pace of nature, very old trees have to be replaced with new ones. The wood from the largest salvageable branches are used to make these dishes. Olive wood being a hard wood has a varying grain making every piece extraordinarily unique.

New Bamboo Range - Bamboo is tree grass, a forest can be grown in just a few years with no need for pesticides or chemicals. Water resistant and antibacterial. Nail and Massage Brushes are made from Coconut bristles.

FSC Beech wood new to Emma's range of natural sustainable options to complement your choice of soap.


Honesty, ethics & green credentials

Every business decision made, from manufacturing, waste, deliveries are made with an environmental sustainable conscience. Emma's Soap endeavours to ensure that all its products are from ethically sustainable sources.
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