Emma's Soap - Handmade in Devon, England, wrapped in Organic fair trade cotton no petroleum or mineral oil, no parabens or artificial fragrances or colours, no sls's or slr's no palm oil. Soap Eczema

Avocado Oil Soap

Eczema? Try Emma's Avocado Unscented, no essential oils, no allergens. Read what other's say about Emma's Avocado Unscented bar
"I am living proof, 3 years using your Avocado unscented bar, I have no more eczema, it really works." Peter

Emma uses unrefined Avocado oil, it is highly therapeutic, containing proteins, amino acids, vitamins A, D & E and lecithin. Very moisturising with healing properties, regenerates skins cells, softens body tissue. Excellent for dry Skin.

Emma's Soap has been shortlisted in 3 categories for Gift of the Year! The Complete Bar - in 'Design and craft' as well as 'Ethical Gift' and the entire range of soap!... in Beauty Bath & Spa, Design & Craft and Ethical Gift!