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Stay at Home and Wash your Hands

Correspondence between Emma, the RD&E hospital Exeter and Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation

On 20th March Emma’s Soap received this request:

My name is Sarah & I’m the Radiology Sister in the Medical Imaging Department @ the RD&E Hospital in Exeter. The team here in Medical Imaging are working extremely hard during this busy time with all the measures being put in place with Coronavirus.
I am setting up a Wellbeing Room in my department, where staff can go & have 10 minutes out in a safe, calm environment & try to de-stress.
Do you have any samples of your amazing products that we could have, to put in our well being room? I know the team & I would be so very grateful for anything that would help, in these challenging times.

Kind Regards,

Emma’s response:

I have put a large box together,  inside is two boxes of offcuts, these are damaged bars that I thought could be used on site by the staff to wash their hands before eating or taking a break,  I have included 4 soap dishes so they can be placed by staff sinks.  Also several 30 plus loose bars,  which I thought staff could take home for a little luxury.
Please share throughout the entire hospital and let me know if you need more of the "off cuts".

Upon receipt of the parcel, Sarah then wrote:

Morning Emma,
I can't thank you enough for your generosity with this wonderful parcel you're sending us.
I led on a departmental meeting yesterday & told staff we had heard from you via email & you were sending us some of your soaps & staff were just really blown away by your kindness. We all understand that all businesses are going through a difficult time, so everyone here is really grateful to you, for doing this.

Thank you once again Emma.
Kind Regards,

A similar request came from Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation

Good morning Emma,
I just want to say a huge thank you for the soaps you have sent. They smells amazing and are wrapped so beautifully!!! Even the cut offs look lovely in the parchment paper.

It is very kind of you and I did not expect you to send so much.

In the office everyone’s hands are pretty sore so cant imagine the staff on the wards at the moment who would be utilising our wellbeing hub so we are trying to help them with the little things 😊

Many thanks and I hope you had a lovely Easter.
Many thanks