Natural Oil Market and Increased Prices

Being a small business, delivering a handmade, British, ethical product to independents and corporates competing in brand lead retail market is not easy. Emma’s soap was created out of necessity “I could not find a soap I was happy to use on my own skin and that of my daughter's”.

What goes into Emma's Soap cannot be compromised; natural oils and butters that feed the ski; only the highest grade of oils, first pressing, unrefined;Organic and local beeswax. Oils without bleaching agents or refinement that maintain their vitamins, minerals, properties and benefits, “nothing else will do”

This ethos and honesty comes at a cost, January being a production month, as a manufacturer one needs to replace material stock. Prices have increased drastically with rises of between 30%-40% on most oils, butters and essential oils. Rosehip oil being the worst with a 300% increase.

Why? Due to global markets, exchange rates, weather patterns, farming, crop failure, greening disease, along with high demand and little supply, suppliers stock levels, makes the natural oils market volatile, difficult to forecast and trade in, all these factors effect the price.

Why has Rosehip oil increased 300/400% in price? Some factors

  •            Rosehip oil is a by-product from the tea industry: The demand for Rosehip tea drives and dominates the global production of Rosehip.
  •           The yield of oil is small - about 5%. Chile and Argentina being the world’s largest source of the wild rose bush
    (Rosa moschata or Rosa rubiginosa) from which Rosehip seeds are extracted. With Rosa Canina growing in Europe and South Africa.
  •            Chile only produces about 300 tonnes of Rosehip in a good year. However the last three consecutive years have yielded a poor crops.
  •            Labour - with poor crop, poor yield, labour is diverted to more lucrative crops
  •            Demand - remains high, availability and yield being low, supply not able to meet demand, price increases.
  •            Exchange rates US Dollar to Sterling

Many would look for alternative products cheaper oils, Palm oil, fragrances instead of essential oils, inferior materials make a different product. Not what I believe in, there is no compromise with Emma’s Soap.

For 5 years I have managed to maintain my prices, shopped around for supplies, bought in bulk, but regrettable the latest increase can not be sustained, consequently I have had to increase my prices to £4.50 per 90g bar. The gift set and boxes have increased too, slightly.

The prices will be changed on my web site from 1st February 2017.

What is so important about our skin? Our skin holds our bodies together, our protective covering, the first barrier to fight illness and disease, and a passageway to our bloodstream.

18 square foot of the human body is covered in skin, the epidermis (outer) and dermis (inner) layers. It is a protective barrier, preserving internal fluids and organs. It removes waste, the pores expel toxins, protects us from injury being the first signal to the brain that we are being hurt. Our skin is also a barometer, many diseases show signs on the skin.

Just think your entire body can function more smoothly when your skin doesn't have to fight to perform its natural function. Next time you reach for the chemical laden lotion, because that's what Granny always used, or soak in a toxic tub because you don’t want to offend the person that gave you the gift, remember that your skin absorbs a large percentage of what you put on it.

Our skin needs to be kept in tip top shape to ward off illness and keep us healthy. Thats why only the best ingredients goes into Emma's Soap, there are no trade offs!