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Rosehip Gift Box | Rosehip Oil Soap

Rosehip Oil is used in hospitals in Italy as it has been shown to reduce scaring and induce skin healing. With its rejuvenating properties this oil is invaluable for sensitive skin. Used for wind chap, sun burn, fine lines and rosacea. Can be used on the face and body. Available in 5 essential oil combinations.
Wrapped in organic fair trade cotton, all packaging is reusable or compostable - zero waste.

Rosehip Gift Box with flannel

Rosehip Gift Box with flannel  £18.00

Dispatched next day, postage from £3.20 via Royal Mail. UK Delivery FREE on orders over £35.

Three bars of Emma's Rosehip Oil soap, Fresh & Uplifting, Unscented bar and Calming & Cleansing. With a red embroidered Organic Cotton flannel presented in a gift box made from recycled card.

Dispatched next day, postage from £3.20 via Royal Mail.
UK Delivery FREE on orders over £35.

Fresh & uplifting essential oil combination balances, cleanses, relaxes whilst uplifting the mind. A zesty scent. Unscented bar has no scent and no allergens. Lavender Rose essential oil combination is relaxing, cooling, healing, and balancing whilst boosting self confidence. Lavender in scent with a hint of rose. Contains: Geraniol, Citronellol, Linalool, Farnesol, Limonene. Natural constituent of essential oils listed.
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