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Soap Off Cuts 1.8kg Box | Shampoo & Speciality Soaps

These soap that have a specific purpose, shaving soap, shampoo bars, work hands. We also have an unscented range for those who suffer from allergens suitable also for newborns as well as two children's soap from 12 months.
Wrapped in organic fair trade cotton, all packaging is reusable or compostable - zero waste.

Soap Off Cuts 1.8kg Box

Soap Off Cuts 1.8kg Box  £25.00

Dispatched next day, postage from £3.20 via Royal Mail. UK Delivery FREE on orders over £35.

Off cuts are created when cutting a soap loaf into bars, as well as damaged and misshapen bars from various batches. A box of at least 1.8kg. Please select the base oil and scent you would like in your bundle or opt for lucky dip.

"I live on the offcuts, after all it's soap and still works regardless of the shape or a bit of parchment paper, great care is taken in the factory to label the soap, however these are sold as bin-ends, thanks"

Important info: by purchasing the off cuts you are agreeing to the terms of sale. Off cuts are for personal use only, not to be resold, re-batched or given to a third party.

Nick named 'Sud Standard' bars!

Dispatched next day, postage from £3.20 via Royal Mail.
UK Delivery FREE on orders over £35.

Please note: the Off Cuts are sub-standard bars, ends of bars, slithers of soap, they may have parchment paper entangled with in the soap, corners missing, they have been discarded for sale as Emma's Soap standard bar as this soap do not meet Emma's quality control. Batch numbers are not provided as the offcuts box or bundle may come from several batches, whilst base oils and essential oil combinations are separated into crates and labeled, there can be cross combination of oils or scent, if you have allergies it is recommended that you buy the standard bar of soap to ensure that you get exactly the soap as stated in the ingredients. The offcuts are sold at the material cost, to reduce waste, the offcuts can not be returned, if you are unhappy with the soap, it can be grated and used as a fabric softener to launder cloths.
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Every business decision made, from manufacturing, waste, deliveries are made with an environmental sustainable conscience. Emma's Soap endeavours to ensure that all its products are from ethically sustainable sources.
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