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Emma is passionate about the environment, particularly enjoying our native land and its wildlife, which inspired her to create and probably the most comfortable hide in Scotland!  
Greetings Card Common Seals

Greetings Card Common Seals   £1.50

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The Common Seal playful and curious with a pretty dog like face. Spending most of their day in the sea, diving for food or resting on the seafloor drifting with the currents and tides.
The current UK population is estimated at between 50,000 to 60,000 individuals with 85% of those living in the waters of Scotland.
They can grow up to 2m, weight 170kg with a life span of 35 years. Consuming 5 kilos of food per day with a diet of cod, herring, sprat, flatfish and squid. They can dive up to 150 metres for food. normally within in a 30 mile radius of their haul out site.

Picture taken: Harris Outer Hebrides © Emma Somerville

Blank inside for your message.

Environmental Credentials

The paper: Cocoon Silk is a coated recycled paper manufactured using a totally chlorine free process and certified as FSC® 100% recycled. By using recycled card verses virgin fibre paper, there significant environmental savings, in the amount of green house gasses produced in the manufacturing, the amount of energy, water, wood used as well as reduction to landfill waste. Only biodegradable, vegetable oil and water base products are used in the printing process.

Zero to Landfill from the packaging if you dispose of each item correctly.

  • 100% recycled envelope with free reusable label - reuse, recycle, shred.
  • Compostable cornstarch bag - it is essential that this is disposed of in the correct waste stream to benefit the environment which is the compost heap.
  • Keep the card - collect the range, make card bunting - reuse, recycle, shred.

Dispatched next day, postage from 98p via Royal Mail.
UK Delivery FREE on orders over £35.

Size: 127mm x 127mm
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Honesty, ethics & green credentials

Every business decision made, from manufacturing, waste, deliveries are made with an environmental sustainable conscience. Emma's Soap endeavours to ensure that all its products are from ethically sustainable sources.
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